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          President's Message . . . Well we've had some exciting Angel games haven't we? I think they are playing better and better and some of the new players they have brought up are doing a great job!!

It's so much fun to attend the games as a Booster Club group so please join us next time. Maria always has some raffle prizes to pass out during the game and everyone shares peanuts and goodies. We have passed out quite a few cards with meeting dates on them to people we met at the games so I'm hoping they will be joining us at this month's meeting. Are you all carrying cards with you to hand out to people who might want to join the Booster Club? We always have them at the membership table.

Speaking of the meeting, remember that we are meeting on June 17th this month. Because there is a short time between the June meeting and the July meeting on July 1st, we will have 17 regular sets of game tickets and 4 sets of special tickets in the raffle this time. Please buy raffle tickets and 50/50 tickets. (I always forget about the 50/50!)

As you know, board member Cindy McLeroy, has been faithfully handling the raffle tickets with help from Linda Longfellow and Virginia Parke. Cindy is forced to take a leave of absence from the board and the meetings as she faces some serious medical decisions. She has asked us all to pray for her since none of her choices will be pleasant ones. Would you do that for her, please?

As always your donations of goodies for the snack table are greatly appreciated. Besides being delicious and prepared with such love, you are helping support the Booster Club!

Thank you so much. We just have the best board and the general members are helpful, thoughtful, and funny! Love you all.

Monthly Booster Club Meetings . . . 

are held at Angel Stadium, Home Plate Club

All meetings are very informational and fun!

Next Meeting - Monday, June 17th, 2019 - Click for details


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For more information, attend any general meeting, check out a newsletter or the events page on this website, or contact a board member

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