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President's Message . . . Happy September Boosters! Our meeting this month is on September 16th. The gates open at 6:30 for a 7:00 pm meeting. We enjoyed having Bobby Grich share his wonderful stories with us in August. He is a favorite and we loved hearing his insights on hitting.

I want to encourage at least three of you to run for the board at our November election. We have a wonderful board and everyone works together so well and we have so much fun. However, with Cheri working from home while she cares for her husband and Cindy still recovering, we only have ten active members. Please consider joining us even as a member at large. I have a personal reason for asking you to carefully and prayerfully consider making this decision, please.

On August 2nd I was working in the kitchen when I felt my heart start fluttering. No big deal, it happens fairly often. This time it didn't stop and kept beating faster. I sat down to rest and thought it would go away. It just beat faster and it felt like someone was sitting on my chest. I called my neighbor and he took me to ER. They took me right in and took an EKG. Then they were all rushing me to a room and hooking me up to machines. I was so scared that I was having a heart attack! They finally decided I had developed Atrial Fibrillation. They put medicine in the IV and my heart


rate went from 159 to 59. However, I am now classified as “High Risk” for stroke and have a heart monitor glued to my chest until September 3rd. I also have to take blood thinner now. I have been ordered to slow down and withdraw from most of my long-term commitments so I will be stepping down as your president at the end of the year. Although I didn't seek to be president, I have enjoyed it immensely and love all of you and your enthusiasm.

We will have 21 sets of regular tickets and 6 sets of special tickets in our raffle this month. Let's have some fun together and win some tickets!

Please continue to bring your delicious baked goods for the food table. You will receive Booster Bucks and our appreciation for your contribution.


Monthly Booster Club Meetings . . . 

are held at Angel Stadium, Home Plate Club

All meetings are very informational and fun!

Next Meeting - Monday, September 16th, 2019 - Click for details


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